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Intelligence in Nature

While food may be the essence of our existence, the dominant food system today is far from sustainable. In terms of agriculture, monoculture farming practices lead to soil degradation, biodiversity loss, and water pollution. The use of pesticides and fertilizers in large quantities also leads to harmful environmental impacts. From a nutritional perspective, the emphasis on producing crops with high yields and longer shelf lives often means that they are lower in nutrients. Moreover, the industrial food system prioritizes profit over the health of individuals and communities, leading to the prevalence of highly processed, unhealthy foods. The current food system also contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, exacerbating climate change. Addressing these issues will require systemic changes in our approach to food production, distribution, and consumption.


Food is not just sustenance, it's a celebration of life! It's the flavors and aromas that ignite our senses, the memories that transport us back in time, and the cultural traditions that unite us. Food is the very essence of our existence, and the heartbeat of our society!

Grow Food

How we grow food is as important as what we grow and eat. Small-scale farming and regenerative agriculture has been hailed as a solution to feeding the worlds growing population. 


In this section you will find a guide on how to grow your own food and what you should grow, even if you have a limited amount of space.

Organic Gardening Ebook

Learn how to grow your own food.

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Eat Food

In this section we will share with you our our favorite recipes for healthy meals, meal plans, tips, tricks, and guides for what leading research tells us about nutrition.   


So let us savor every bite, cherish every meal, and honor the rich history and diversity of our culinary heritage. Let us come together at the table, to share our stories, to break bread, and to celebrate the joy and pleasure of food!

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